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How Does Carbon Deposits in Automobile By Pulse Laser Cleaner?

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At present, many 4S stores have launched the service of pulse cleaner of carbon deposits, but many car owners are worried about IQ tax. 

Here is an introduction to you, is pulse laser cleaner of carbon deposits reliable?

Laser cleaner with pulse laser source type working on carbon deposits is more reliable. 

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The pulse method makes the pressure stronger, so the flushing effect will be better. Pulse cleaning can separate and dissolve the carbon deposits, and can also flush to the corners, so it can be rinsed cleaner. . After flushing, it can save fuel and reduce exhaust pollution, thereby further enhancing power and extending the service life of the engine. Although the effect of pulse cleaning is good, the corresponding price will be slightly more expensive. The prices at 4S stores are mostly around a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, so car owners can choose according to their own needs.

After a car has been used for a period of time, there will be a lot of sediments, oxides, dust, etc., which will form carbon deposits over time. If not cleaned in time, it will cause further increase in fuel consumption and affect the working efficiency of the engine. Therefore, regular carbon deposit cleaning is necessary.

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