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  • 18-03-2024

    Why Choose Handheld Laser Pulse Metal Cleaner?
    Abedar Laser's handheld pulse laser metal cleaner utilizes high-energy laser beams to target surface contaminants on metal materials. By concentrating laser energy in both time and space, it rapidly vaporizes, decomposes, or dislodges surface impurities. This technology finds extensive applications in sectors like aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, and tire manufacturing, particularly for large objects. Whether addressing superficial rust or deep-seated corrosion, the Abedar Laser Pulse Laser series offers various laser power levels, enabling users to tailor the cleaning process to their specific needs.
  • 15-01-2024

    How Does Carbon Deposits in Automobile By Pulse Laser Cleaner?
    The engine is then run at higher RPMs or under specific operating conditions that create pulses of pressure within the cylinders. These pressure pulses help to dislodge and break up the carbon deposits, allowing them to be carried out of the engine through the exhaust system.pulse cleaning is a targeted method for removing carbon deposits from automobile cylinders, helping to restore engine performance and efficiency while reducing harmful emissions.
  • 12-12-2023

    02 | Why We Need Laser Composite Cleaner?
    In the high-end cleaning market, laser cleaning was previously considered less efficient than traditional methods under equivalent cost conditions. For tasks such as paint removal during major ship overhauls, where the painted area is vast, various shipyards employ chemical or high-pressure water cleaning methods.
    This technology offers advantages such as enhanced cleaning quality, increased efficiency, stable cleaning processing, and applicability to cleaning high-reflectance materials. It mitigates the drawbacks of singular cleaning methods, highlighting the need for laser composite cleaners over traditional approaches.
  • 07-09-2022

    What Does Laser Cleaning Do?
    Handheld rust laser cleaners offer precise and efficient rust removal with minimal damage to the underlying material, making them a valuable tool in various industries and applications.
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