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Abedar Laser has two types of laser cleaning machines: continuous laser cleaning machines and pulse laser cleaning machines.
* Continuous laser cleaning machines power range from 2000W to 3000W;
* Pulse laser cleaning machines power range from 50W to 1000W power.
Pulse Laser Cleaner VS CW Laser Cleaning Machines ​​​​​​​

* Continuous laser cleaning machines are more suitable for cleaning light rust, surface dirt, mild rust, etc.

* Pulse laser cleaning machines are suitable for precise cleaning, like severe rust, coatings, or deep cleaning.

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Your choice depends on your work style. If you need to work in the wild, a portable, battery-powered machine is more suitable. And a small laser cleaning machine can fit into a car trunk.​​​​​​​
Why Laser Rust Removal Machine?

Advanced pulse laser rust removal system is a powerful tool designed for the purpose of removing rust and other surface contaminants from various materials using high-intensity laser pulses. These systems offer several features that make them effective and versatile in industrial, automotive, aerospace, and other applications.

The cleaning efficiency has different speeds depending on the laser power.

What Can A Laser Rust Removal Do?

The rust cleaning could work on Resin, Greasy Dirt, Rust, Coating, Plating, Paint,and offers effortless handling and swift cleaning capabilities.

They could be used for Aviation, Electronic Machinery, Auto Parts,Mould Cleaning, Equipment Manufacturing, Food Processing field , it fits high-speed trains and flights. Integrated injection-molded design for stability, wear resistance, and shock absorption.
Abedar Laser focus on the development and production of various types of CNC laser equipments. Our main products include:Laser Engraving Machines, Laser Cutting Machines,Laser Marking Machines, and Laser Welding Machines.
Rust Laser Cleaning Machine
Deeply Paints Cleaning​​​​​​​
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Metal Rust Cleaner
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Welding Seams Cleaning
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Wood Dirts Cleaning 
100w laser cleaning machine
Tire Rust Laser Removal
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Tire Mould Laser Cleaning
laser wood cleaning machine priceer Laser Cutting Machine
Oil Surface Cleaning
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  • Q Why Choose Abedar Laser Machine Manufacturer?

    A * Experienced Technical Expertise;
    Market Reputation And Credibility;
    * Excellent Quality and Performance;
    Diverse Applications.

  • Q What should I do if I receive a laser rust removal that cannot be used?


    We understand the importance of receiving a functional product. If you encounter any issues, our support continues beyond delivering the machine.

    We provide comprehensive support as a professional laser cleaning machine supplier from China.

    In cases where a more hands-on approach is needed, our engineers can visit your location to provide in-person training, ensuring that you understand the equipment thoroughly.

  • Q How to confirm the laser rust removal cleaning effect?


    We can conduct a customised material test to make sure the laser rust removal meets your requirements. Just let us know the material you need to clean, and we will showcase the cleaning and dusting process for you.

    For a better understanding, we can also arrange a live demonstration. You can directly see the cleaning process in action through a video call.

  • Q How to confirm whether the machine is suitable for my working conditions?


    This pulse laser cleaning machine suitable for rust, stains, and oil on the surface of the workpiece,plating, Etc. Also,you can take photo to us,we will give you professional suggestions.

  • Q How is the laser paint stripping machine service?


    Abedar's laser paint stripping machines are engineered for minimal maintenance requirements. Users simply need to ensure the laser's optical components stay clean and the cooling system has sufficient clean water. No regular preventive servicing is necessary, and the laser can operate continuously without interruption.

How to Choose Perfect Solution?

Process Material
First, Please tell us what material you need to process. Such as metal,stone or wood. Because different materials need different types of laser cleaning machines.
For example, if you want to remove graffiti from a wooden door, you do not want to damage the painted door. In that case, we will recommend suitable pulse laser cleaning design for you.
Special Requirements
Please let us know what you prefer for portable, mobile, or battery-powered laser cleaners, as it aligns with your work conditionrequirements.
Your choice depends on your work style. If you need to work in the wild, a portable, battery-powered machine is more suitable. And a small laser cleaning machine can fit into a car trunk.
Budget and Timeline
Please tell us your budget and when you need it. If you're on a tight budget, no worries. Our expert will recommend an affordable laser cleaner and deliver it to you on time.
Efficiency and Power
Think about how much work you have and how fast you need to get it done. Abedar laser cleaning machines come in different power levels, each suited for specific tasks and sizes.
Let us know your workload and speed requirements, and we'll recommend the right machine.
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