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Industrial 1000W Pulse Laser Cleaning Equipment for Metal Rust Removal

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  • Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
  • 300W 500W Rust Cleaning Removal
  • Multi Modes Options
  • MH-LW1000C

  • Abedar Laser

  • $19999/Set


Product Description

1000W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal
1000W Laser Rust Removing Machine Quick View
Details Showing


Model NO.



Laser Power



Product Name

Pulse Laser Rust Cleaning Machine

Laser Source Brand

World Famous Pulsed ”JPT” Laser Source

Maximum Pulse Energy

15mJ -50mJ

Pulse Duration

10 ~ 500ns

Central Emission Wavelength


Power Adjust Range


Frequency Range

1-4000 kHz

Cooling Method

Water Cooling,installed inside

Work Environment Humidity


Fiber Cable length



What's difference for 1000W Pulse Laser Rust Removal VS CW Cleaning Machine?

Laser rust removal is a non-contact method, meaning that the laser does not physically touch the surface. This is particularly advantageous for delicate or intricate structures that could be damaged by abrasive methods.
Laser rust removal is often faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods like sandblasting or chemical treatments. The rapid removal process contributes to reduced downtime in industrial settings.
Pulse lasers Cleaner emit laser energy in short bursts or pulses. In the context of rust removal, a pulse laser emits high-intensity laser pulses in very short durations, typically in the nanosecond range.
During each pulse, the intense energy generated heats up the rust or contaminant layer on the surface very rapidly. This sudden heating causes the rust to vaporize or be blown away, effectively cleaning the surface. The process happens so quickly that it minimizes the heat transferred to the base material, reducing the risk of damaging it.
*Precise and controlled material removal.
*Minimal heat-affected zone, reducing the risk of damaging the substrate.
*Effective in removing tough contaminants like rust, paint, and coatings.
*Suitable for a wide range of materials.
Different Kinds of Cleaning Modes
500W pulse laser rust removal system with different cleaning modes for different shaped objects would likely be a sophisticated piece of equipment used for industrial cleaning applications. Laser rust removal has become increasingly popular due to its precision, efficiency, and minimal environmental impact compared to traditional methods like sandblasting or chemical cleaning.
Difference Between Single Mode VS Multimode Cleaning Type
  • The pulse time of the multi-mode pulse cleaning mode on the substrate surface is very short, which will not cause excessive heat accumulation and reduce the risk of damage. More suitable for precision instrument cleaning, such as mold surface contamination cleaning, medical instruments, etc.


1000W pulse laser rust removal system is a powerful tool designed for the purpose of removing rust and other surface contaminants from various materials using high-intensity laser pulses. These systems offer several features that make them effective and versatile in industrial, automotive, aerospace, and other applications.

A user-friendly interface allows operators to set parameters such as pulse duration, energy, scanning pattern, and more. Some systems might even have presets for common applications.

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