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3000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner For Sale 3000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner For Sale
3000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner For Sale 3000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner For Sale


3000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner For Sale

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  • No Chemical Cleaning Fluid 
  • Simplely Operation
  • High Cleaning Efficiency 
  • Unique Positioning & Tracking System
  • MH-LW300C

  • Abedar Laser

  • $6699


Product Description

1500W 2000W Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner

Abedar Laser laser rust removal

Abedar Laser provides industrial 1500W 2000W laser rust cleaner with a maximum power output of 2000 watts for industrial applications. 

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Abedar Laser laser rust removal machine for sale (4)

Pulsed Laser Cleaner Sample (2)Pulsed Laser Cleaner Sample (1)

With an ecologically sound and cost-effective alternative to traditional technologies, the handheld laser cleaning machine was designed as a maintenance-free, energy-efficient resource.

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

Mold cleaning, rubber mold cleaning, weapon equipment cleaning, aircraft old paint removal, building exterior wall cleaning, electronics industry cleaning, precision deesterification cleaning in precision machinery industry, nuclear power plant reactor pipeline cleaning, and ancient building maintenance.


Non-contact cleaning, does not damage the surface of the part substrate:

1) The unique Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner system of the intelligent laser cleaning machine can be selectively cleaned according to customer needs

2) No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly

3) The Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner operation is simple, just power on, and it can be hand-held or cooperated with a robot to realize automatic cleaning

4) High power, fast speed, very high cleaning efficiency, saving time

5) The Handheld Rust Laser system is stable and almost requires no maintenance

6) With universal wheels, easy to move

7) Adjustable man-machine interface parameters


Model NO.


Product Name

Handheld Rust Laser Cleaner

Laser Power


Laser Source Brand

World Famous “IPG”/”Raycus”/”MAX”

Supply voltage

Single-phase 220V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz AC/ 380V

Work environment humidity


Fiber Cable length

20M (can be customized)

Scanning width


Laser average power


Power adjustment range (%)

10-100(Adjustable gradient)

Focus spot diameter


Center wavelength


Peak power maximum


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Type of manipulator

Manual / Based on galvanometric laser scanner

Manipulator weight



12 Months For Whole Machine,24 Months For laser source

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