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Backpack 100W Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

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  • Pulse Laser Rust Removal
  • 100W Laser Rust Removal Machine
  • Single Mode & Multi Modes Options
  • MH-LW100R

  • Abedar Laser

  • $5599/Set


Product Description

100W Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

Backpack 100W Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal

Details Showing




Pulse Laser Rust Cleaning Machine

Laser power

World Famous Pulsed ”MAX” Laser Source

Maximum Pulse Energy


Pulse Duratio


Central Emission Wavelengt


Power Adjust Range

0-100 %

Laser welding frequency


Cooling MethodAir Cooling
Fiber Cable Length1.5M
24 Months
Continue working time
18 Hours


Why We Need a 100W Backpack Laser Rust Cleaning Machine?
Laser rust cleaning offers several advantages over traditional methods like abrasive blasting or chemical treatments. It's a non-contact process, which means there's minimal risk of surface damage. The "backpack" design,which is only 8 Kgs, aspect implies that the device is designed to be worn or carried by an operator. 
100W MAX Backpack Pulse Laser Rust Removal is a hypothetical portable device that combines a laser system with rust cleaning capabilities, possibly using pulsed laser technology to remove rust and other surface contaminants from various materials.
In industries that use metal components or structures, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction, the device could be employed to removal rust from metal surfaces, extending the lifespan of equipment and structures.
These rust laser cleaning machines are often used to clean rust and oxide layers from metal surfaces like steel, iron, and aluminum in manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.
Backpack laser rust cleaning machines are valuable for preparing surfaces before welding, as clean surfaces ensure better weld quality.
Different Kinds of Cleaning Modes
In order to get higher cleaning effective,our pulsed laser cleaning removal provide different cleaning modes accroding to different objects shapes
Pulse Laser Rust Removal Sample Display
  • 100W,200W Backpack Pulse Laser Rust Removal Series Working Speed
  • Bulk Rust Laser Cleaner Production for Distributor Shipment


As we continue to set new benchmarks in the industry, we are proud to introduce the Backpack Pulse Laser Rust Cleaner.

Harnessing the power of rust cleaning lasers, this portable device is engineered to obliterate rust with unparalleled efficiency. Whether it's for industrial applications, automotive maintenance, or delicate artistic endeavors, our rust cleaner guarantees immaculate results without compromise.

For those intrigued by the possibilities presented by the pulse laser rust cleaning machine series and seeking further information, Contact us today to explore distributor cooperation overseas of the backpack pulse laser rust removal.

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