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Mixed Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine CW Laser Rust Removal

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  • Pulse Laser Cleaning + Continuous Laser Cleaner
  • Water Cooling Multi Modes Options
  • MH-M1000

  • Abedar Laser

  • $17999/Set


Product Description

Mixed Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine CW Laser Rust Removal
Mixed Pulse Laser Rust Removal
Details Showing


Model NO.


Product Name

Pulse Laser Cleaner Mode + Continuous Laser Mode

Laser Power



Laser Source Brand

World Famous “JPT”/”Raycus”/”MAX”/"GZ"

Supply voltage

380V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz

Fiber Cable length

10 M(Can be customized)

Scanning width


Frequency Range

1-3000 Khz

Power adjustment range (%)

10-100(Adjustable gradient)

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Center wavelength


Over Size


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Type of manipulator

Manual / Based on galvanometric laser scanner

Manipulator weight



12 Months For Whole Machine,24 Months For laser source


What is the Definition of Composite Laser Cleaning Machine?

When dealing with laser rust removal on surfaces made of aluminum alloy or other highly reflective materials, using a single laser can present challenges such as high reflectivity. However, employing a combination of pulsed and continuous lasers addresses these issues effectively. By utilizing a pulsed laser alongside a continuous laser, heat is transferred more efficiently to the metal surface oxide layer.
Why the Composite Laser Cleaning Machine?
Pulse laser cleaning technology effectively removes surface paint layers but faces challenges with low efficiency for thick coatings and large areas. Additionally, it struggles with slow paint removal and significant limitations. High-power continuous laser cleaning machines are unsuitable for thick paint and large-scale rust removal due to their thermal effects, which can deform the substrate.
A promising alternative is high-power composite cleaning technology. It combines pulse and continuous laser sources to create an enhanced adaptive cleaning method. This approach overcomes the limitations of single cleaning methods, offering improved cleaning quality, increased efficiency, and a stable cleaning process.
Appearance, Size and Weight of the Composite Laser Cleaning Machine
  • the Efficiency of the Product is 700% of the Traditional Single 1000w Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine, the Overall Cost Performance lmproved by 2-3 Times.
  • Suitable for Cleaning Strong Adhesion or Thick Layer of Pollutants, While Not Damaging the Substrate, the Cleaning Range for Customers is Extremely Wide


  •  Enhanced Cost Efficiency and Versatility:

  1. Product efficiency surpasses traditional 1000W Abedar pulsed laser cleaners by 700%, leading to a 2-3 times improvement in overall cost performance.

  2. Offers both pulse and continuous laser cleaning capabilities, ensuring high removal capacity and efficiency without residue.

  3. Versatile application suitable for removing tough pollutants without substrate damage, ideal for large machinery, aircraft, ship rust, and high-speed rail.

  •     Advanced Security Features and Longevity:

  1. Includes insert air knives for dust protection of the focusing lens, enhancing security and longevity.

  2. Excellent heat dissipation ensures prolonged use without damage to the oscillator and lens.

  3. Equipped with a dust suction device to prevent environmental and equipment pollution.

  4. Guarantees stable performance and rapid response times.

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