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5W UV Laser System | Plastic Electrical Connector

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FPC is an important interconnection circuit in the field of electronics, essential for electronic circuits. CVL cover film is a partner of FPC, attaching it to FPC products can prevent oxidation and solder resist.

uv laser marking machine for plastic (3)

FPC itself contains copper and cover film. With the development of highly automated and intelligent equipment, the requirements for FPC products are increasing, and there is a demand for traceable management of FPC products. It is required to trace the product quality during the production process of FPC products and achieve after-sales traceability in the later application process.

This requires clear and readable QR codes and SN after-sales codes to be marked on FPC-related products. Ordinary fiber optic marking machines may cause bursts and over-burning, leading to poor results. 5W UV laser marking machine equipment can easily solve this problem, meeting the requirements of product quality traceability and after-sales service coding marking.

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CVL cover film usually refers to PI film. The process requirement for marking is to mark clear and aesthetically pleasing strings or QR codes on the surface, without penetrating the film layer. The requirement for FPC copper foil is to mark clear QR codes or strings on the surface of the copper foil, clear, readable, and without deformation. In response to the process requirements, UV laser marking machine products developed can meet the marking requirements of both materials, meet the process conditions, and flexibly use them. The camera can be equipped with a region recognition function for automatic identification and marking. The figure below shows examples of UV laser marking on PI film and copper foil products.

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UV Laser Marking Machine

Floor Type 3W 5W UV Laser Marking Machine 

uv laser marking machine made in china

Portable UV Laser Marking Machine

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, Abedar Laser provides perfect solutions for customers. The characteristics of the UV laser marking machine: it adopts a high-performance UV laser (intra-cavity doubling technology + TEC cooling technology), with superior laser beam quality, bringing users excellent marking effects. UV lasers are considered cold light sources, with minimal heat-affected zones during marking, making them particularly suitable for fine laser marking of materials sensitive to heat effects.

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