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Remove Rust Laser Gun Remove Rust Laser Gun
Remove Rust Laser Gun Remove Rust Laser Gun
Remove Rust Laser Gun Remove Rust Laser Gun


Remove Rust Laser Gun

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  • Average laser power that can be tolerated: ≤200W
  • Light transmission rate: ≥98%
  • Laser power adjustment: 10%-100% continuous gradient adjustable
  • Laser pulse frequency adjustment: 1kHz-4000kHz continuously gradient adjustable (supports customization)
  • Laser pulse width adjustment function: supported
  • Focal length: standard 160mm (210mm/254mm/330mm/420mm optional)
  • Incident spot diameter: ≤10mm
  • Cleaning head weight: <0.75Kg
  • Scanning width: 0mm-100mm optional
  • Maximum scanning line speed: about 12m/s
  • Product structure diagram
  • Remove Rust Laser Gun

  • Abedar Laser


Product Description

Remove Rust Laser Gun

Lightweight remove rust with laser gun structural design

Portable design: The remove rust with laser gun is small and portable, with a moderate handle and comfortable use;

Lightweight design: the weight of the remove rust with laser gun is less than 0.75Kg, which is more convenient for long-term use

maintain operation;

Remove rust with laser gun Dust-proof seal design: The external optical path is sealed and dust-proof design to effectively prevent cleaning products.

Raw dust and other contaminants enter the optical path and cleaning head, causing performance damage or damage;

The dust-blowing air curtain design at the front end of the field lens effectively protects dust or oil in the air.

Pollution field mirror;

Detachable vacuum nozzle bracket (optional): unique and flexibly adjustable height and angle

Remove rust with laser gun Vertical vacuum nozzle design, good dust collection effect;

Anti-interference design: through signal enhancement, signal line shielding layer, and galvanometer coating

and metal shielding shell design and other measures to improve the anti-interference ability of the cleaning head. Guaranteed in

Integrating robots and vacuum cleaners will not interfere with the stability of the light output.


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