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How to Portable Laser Cleaning On Tire Mould Surface?

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Molds are essential tools used in the tire vulcanization process and are inevitably subjected to comprehensive deposition pollution from rubber, additives, and demolding agents used during vulcanization (with major pollutants being sulfides, inorganic oxides, silicone oil, carbon black, etc.). Repeated use can lead to pattern contamination dead zones. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the molds to ensure their surface cleanliness.

There are two traditional cleaning methods for tire molds: manual sanding with sandpaper or steel wire physical abrasion and dry sandblasting, with different combinations chosen as needed.


  1. A mature technology widely adopted in the tire industry.

  2. Simple and easy to implement, with low equipment and tool requirements.


  1. Can cause mechanical damage to molds, reducing their lifespan.

  2. Sandblasting can easily block the mold's vent holes, requiring significant effort to clear them after sandblasting.

  3. High labor intensity and long cleaning cycles.

II. Chemical Cleaning Method Chemical cleaning methods include organic solvent, fusion, acid cleaning, and alkali cleaning.

Advantages: Convenient to use, low cost.

Disadvantages: Prolonged use of these methods can corrode molds, directly affecting product appearance and quality. These chemicals also pollute the environment and harm the health of workers, requiring comprehensive protective measures and pollution control equipment.


Abedar Laser produces a new generation of high-tech surface rust removal laser for sale, which are easy to install, operate, and automate. The operation is simple: plug in the device, turn it on, and it can perform chemical-free, media-free, dust-free, and water-free cleaning. It can automatically focus, clean curved surfaces, achieve high surface cleanliness, and remove resin, oil stains, stains, dirt, embroidery, coatings, plating, and paint from object surfaces.

Rust removal laser Features:

  1. The first domestic fiber high-power laser cleaning machine.

  2. Non-contact cleaning, no damage to the part substrate.

  3. Precision cleaning, allowing for precise position and size selective cleaning.

  4. No need for any chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly.

  5. Simple operation, plug and play, can be handheld or used with a robotic arm for automated cleaning.

  6. Very high cleaning efficiency, saving time.

  7. Stable laser cleaning system, requiring minimal maintenance.

Rust Removal Laser Application Range:

  1. Rust removal from metal surfaces.

  2. Surface paint stripping and removal.

  3. Surface oil, stains, and dirt cleaning.

  4. Removal of surface plating and coatings.

  5. Pre-treatment of welding and spraying surfaces.

  6. Dust and deposits removal from stone statues.

  7. Cleaning of residual materials in rubber molds.

Laser Cleaning Machine Application Industries:

Mold industry, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, food processing, wastewater treatment, rubber tires, petrochemicals, and more.

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