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Plastic TPU ABS PP UV Laser Marking Machine Project Sharing

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Laser marking on plastics can be influenced by the varying composition of the material, with some plastics like TPU being prone to damage from the laser. 

Plastic Cutting展示

Last week, we received a sample request from a customer in Colombia for a TPU plastic workpiece. Based on experience, it was anticipated that a conventional fiber laser marking machine might not yield satisfactory results, necessitating the use of a UV violet light marking machine. 

TPU plastic Fiber Laser Marking Sample

Upon receiving the sample, we initially tested it with a 50W fiber laser marking machine, only to find that the TPU did not absorb the fiber laser, preventing the achievement of a black mark. 

TPU plastic Laser Marking Sample

Subsequently, we switched to a 5W UV laser marking machine for plastic, and the results were excellent, as shown in the image below

How much does a UV laser marking machine cost? The price depends on different laser source brand and laser source power etc.

Mainly there are two cooling ways,one is water cooling,and another one is air cooling,the laser marking machine work on plastic,such as ABS/PP/TPU ,are long-lasting and cannot be easily removed unless the surface layer is scraped off. Therefore, using a laser marking machine for marking production dates and anti-counterfeiting labels is highly effective.

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