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Is Laser Cleaning Removal Right for Your Business?

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Laser rust removal is an emerging industry that has yet to fully industrialize, creating ample opportunities for service providers and rental businesses. With years of experience in the laser industry, we can analyze this field's potential. Laser rust removal machines are user-friendly and have a low technical barrier, making it accessible even to beginners.

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Machine Types and Pricing

Laser rust removal can be broadly categorized into two types: continuous laser cleaning and pulsed laser cleaning. Among them, continuous handheld laser rust removal machines are affordable, with options like the Abedar Laser 1500w priced at $5000 per set, making them accessible to most households and small factories.

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Lack of Barriers for Rentals

The potential for a laser rust removal machine rental market seems promising. There are minimal technical barriers to operating these machines, and the price point is reasonable. Since rust removal is a routine task, the machines can be used frequently, making rental costs even more economical.


Calculating Rental Profitability

Abedar Laser's handheld 1500w laser rust removal machine can clean 1 square meter per minute, equating to 600 square meters in a 10-hour workday. The current market rate for rust removal using water sandblasting is around $15 per square meter. Thus, the laser rust removal machine can generate a conservative estimate of $9000 in value per day. Importantly, the laser method outperforms traditional water sandblasting in terms of efficiency and quality, making this estimate a conservative one.

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The laser rust removal industry is ripe for expansion, with minimal technical and pricing barriers for both operators and potential rental businesses. With the ability to offer high-quality rust removal services efficiently, laser technology is poised to revolutionize the rust removal industry. As this technology gains popularity, it's essential for businesses to stay ahead by offering competitive laser rust removal services.

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