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How To UV Laser Mark on HDPE Plastic?

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5W UV Laser Marking Machine on HDPE (1)

There are various types of plastics, classified based on their actual composition, such as HDPE, PP, PE, PVC, etc. While some materials can be directly marked and processed using a 1064nm fiber laser marking machine, certain plastics like HDPE/PE exhibit a charring effect on the surface when marked with a fiber laser, which fails to meet the aesthetic requirements.

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As a complementary solution to CO2 laser marking and fiber laser marking, a 355nm ultraviolet (UV) laser marking machine can effectively address these limitations.

3W 5W 10W UV Laser Marking Machine

When marking on HDPE plastic, UV Laser Marking Machine typically involves changing the color beneath the material's surface, often through carbonization. With the use of an ultraviolet laser marking machine, creating dark marks can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the sub-layer of the plastic surface. The input of thermal energy is confined to a very small specified area, making the marked content easily distinguishable from the background material, ensuring clear identification. The wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is 355nm, providing a new method for marking on plastic electrical switches.

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In addition to the general features of a laser marking machine, a significant advantage of the UV laser is that one laser head can accommodate two scanning mirrors. This means that the marking speed can be doubled or marks can be applied on both sides of a component. The maximum marking speed can reach up to 3000 characters per second.

The application of UV laser marking machines is highly regarded due to the innovative approach they bring to plastic material marking. The short-wavelength UV laser output energizes the photochemical reactions of the material, while the UV laser marking machine avoids excessive heat input that could damage the material.

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Key Features of Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine: Fast Speed, High Resolution When working with sensitive materials, such as flame-retardant plastics, UV laser marking machines can achieve high-resolution marking while maintaining superior surface quality and faster processing speeds. In comparison to infrared and green laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines do not require any expensive laser-sensitive additives, delivering significantly faster processing speeds and marking quality.

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