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How To Efficiently Rust Removal Contaminants on Molds?

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metal rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine (2)

The use of molds in industrial production greatly facilitates standardization and mass production of products. However, during the use of molds, contamination on the mold surface often occurs, which can affect subsequent normal operations. How to efficiently clean the contaminants on molds? The pulse laser cleaning machine provides an effective solution for cleaning molds.

Pulse laser cleaners are preferred over continuous laser cleaners for several reasons:

  1. Better cleaning effectiveness: Pulse laser cleaners generate laser pulses with extremely high energy, reaching instant power levels of thousands of kilowatts or even higher. This high-energy pulse can instantly remove dirt, oxide layers, coatings, and other substances from the mold surface, resulting in a more thorough cleaning effect.

  2. Avoidance of thermal damage: Continuous laser cleaners produce a continuous laser beam that generates continuous heat on the mold surface, potentially causing overheating and thermal damage to the mold material. Pulse laser cleaners deliver brief pulses of laser energy, minimizing heat conduction and reducing the risk of thermal damage to the mold material.

  3. High-precision cleaning: Pulse laser cleaners allow precise control of laser energy and timing, enabling high-precision cleaning of the mold surface, which is difficult to achieve with continuous laser cleaners.

  4. Safety considerations: Continuous laser cleaners require more complex safety measures to prevent accidents due to continuous energy output. Pulse laser cleaners, with their extremely short working time, are relatively easier to control and operate safely.

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Pulse laser cleaners are generally considered more suitable for mold cleaning applications because they offer better cleaning effectiveness, lower risk of thermal damage, and higher precision control. However, when selecting laser cleaning technology, it is also necessary to consider the characteristics of the mold material and the cleaning requirements to ensure the selection of an appropriate laser cleaning solution.

Pulse cleaning can be further categorized into single-mode and multi-mode emission modes based on pulse energy. Since single-mode laser mode emits stronger energy per shot, it can potentially damage the mold surface, affecting subsequent production use. Therefore, we recommend users to choose multi-mode laser cleaning machines to achieve a more perfect cleaning effect.

When considering "metal laser removal machine for mould," pulse laser cleaning technology stands out as an efficient solution, providing thorough cleaning while minimizing the risk of damage to the mold surface.

Full solution with automatic cleaning system as below:

metal rust removal oxide painting coating removal laser cleaning machine (6)

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