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Tips | How To Prevent Freezing of Metal Laser Cutter

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Now that we have entered the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures are gradually dropping, especially in the northern regions where temperatures have fallen below 0 degrees Celsius. In certain parts of Europe and North America, temperatures are even lower. For laser cutting machines, low temperatures can lead to the freezing of the water cooling system, causing significant damage to various components. Therefore, Abedar Laser's professional engineers recommend laser fiber cutting machine users to take preventive measures against freezing. Here are the anti-freezing measures for laser cutting machines:

  1. Coolant Freezing Prevention:

    • All liquids have a freezing point, and when the temperature drops below this point, they solidify, potentially damaging the water cooling system's pipes and seals during the expansion process. To prevent coolant freezing and damage to the laser, output head, and water cooling machine, consider the following solutions:

      a. If there is no risk of power outage, keep the water cooling machine running overnight. Adjust the water temperature to 5-10°C to ensure the coolant is in circulation and above the freezing point for energy conservation.

      b. After daily use, empty the coolant from the laser, laser output head, and water cooling machine.

      c. Use antifreeze as a coolant.

  2. Use of Antifreeze:

    a. Short-Term Antifreeze with Ethanol:

    b. Recommended Use of Laser Cutting Specialized Antifreeze:

    • It is advised to use a specialized antifreeze designed for laser cutting machines. Note that no antifreeze can completely replace deionized water and should not be used continuously throughout the year. After winter, flush the system with deionized or purified water to restore the cooling system.

    • If there is a temporary need for antifreeze due to a power outage preventing coolant draining, add ethanol (alcohol) to deionized or purified water. The addition should not exceed 40% of the tank volume. Ethanol is corrosive and should not be used for extended periods. After one week, flush the system with purified water or deionized water for cleaning.

    • In situations where power outages are common or daily coolant draining is not feasible, antifreeze must be used. Antifreeze typically consists of alcohol and water, with a high boiling and flash point, large specific heat, high conductivity, low viscosity at low temperatures, and non-corrosive properties toward metal and rubber components. When selecting or preparing antifreeze, ensure its freezing point is at least 5°C lower than the lowest ambient temperature.

Additionally, using automotive antifreeze is not recommended unless it is ensured that the water quality is neutral to prevent corrosion of the laser equipment. If possible, improving the electrical environment, keeping the water cooling machine running continuously, or upgrading the cooling water system design for easy and quick daily coolant draining is recommended.

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