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What happens if I don't clean the lens in a laser Cleaner machine?

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The importance of protecting laser lenses is paramount, and in daily processing, it is crucial to closely monitor their operational status. Laser protection lenses are widely used in laser equipment such as laser cutting machines and laser welding machines. 

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When laser beams are used to cut materials, a significant amount of gas and splatter is released from the work surface, which can potentially harm the focusing lens in the laser cutting head. Regularly cutting aluminum sheets can particularly lead to lens contamination due to the high reflectivity of aluminum surfaces.

 To safeguard the focusing lens, the following points should be considered during lens maintenance:

  1. When cleaning, wear anti-static and dust-free gloves to prevent dust from contaminating the lens.

  2. Utilize a clean, dust-free workbench for cleaning.

  3. Use specialized lens cleaning tools.

  4. Avoid contact with the lens by hard objects to prevent scratches.

  5. Use professional cleaning solutions.

  6. Clean gently, wiping from the center outward.

  7. Immediately reinstall the lens into the laser head after cleaning to prevent secondary contamination.

  8. Regularly schedule lens cleaning maintenance.

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