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  • 28-04-2024

    2024 Labour Day Holiday Notice
    We would like to take this opportunity to be advised that our company will be closed from 1st,May to 5th, May, in observance of the International Labour Day.

    We would like to express our heartiest thanks for your great support and hope you guys have great holiday with your family!
  • 18-03-2024

    Why Choose Handheld Laser Pulse Metal Cleaner?
    Abedar Laser's handheld pulse laser metal cleaner utilizes high-energy laser beams to target surface contaminants on metal materials. By concentrating laser energy in both time and space, it rapidly vaporizes, decomposes, or dislodges surface impurities. This technology finds extensive applications in sectors like aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, and tire manufacturing, particularly for large objects. Whether addressing superficial rust or deep-seated corrosion, the Abedar Laser Pulse Laser series offers various laser power levels, enabling users to tailor the cleaning process to their specific needs.
  • 12-03-2024

    How To Identify Single-Mode And Multi-Mode Laser Cleaning?
    Single-mode and multi-mode, in the context of lasers, refer to the types of modes the laser operates in. Within a laser device, the propagation of the laser beam can either adhere to a single mode or be a mixture of multiple modes. A laser with a single propagation mode is aptly termed a single-mode laser, whereas a laser supporting multiple propagation modes is dubbed a multi-mode laser.
  • 06-03-2024

    Can You Cleaning Mold Rust with A Laser?
    Laser cleaning emerges as a pivotal method, utilizing high-energy laser beams to swiftly evaporate and remove stains, rust, residues, and other contaminants from mold surfaces without affecting their precision or quality.Traditional methods like mechanical polishing and chemical cleaning often suffer from low efficiency and the risk of damaging molds. In contrast, laser cleaning, characterized by its non-contact, non-abrasive, and heat-free nature, offers significant advantages in mold cleaning.
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