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New Handheld Rust Laser Cleaning Machine

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As a green and efficient Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine method, laser cleaning is being accepted by more and more industries, and is gradually replacing traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting and pickling. At present, the cleaning equipment on the market is mainly hand-held laser cleaning equipment, which is small in size, convenient in operation, and moderate in price.

It is welcomed by many companies! However, there are still some large enterprises and special industries that require a higher degree of automation to improve production and processing efficiency. This type of automated laser cleaning equipment requires a combination of laser processing equipment manufacturers and laser light source companies to meet the application needs of different industries and provide the industry and Customers conduct customized research and development. It provides higher requirements for the R&D strength and cooperation of processing equipment manufacturers and laser light source companies. 

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Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Enters Automated Processing

After months of research and development, Abedar Laser developed the first domestic tube Rust removal Laser Cleaning Machine equipped with Raycus 1000W special pulsed laser for cleaning. For heavy-duty pipelines with rust and stains attached to the surface, the surface rust and substances are instantly vaporized by laser action to achieve the effect of cleaning. A pipe with a length of 6m and a diameter of 60mm requires at least two workers to spend more than 2 hours in the traditional cleaning method using mechanical and manual polishing. With this automatic Laser Cleaning Machine, it only takes less than 10 minutes. The maximum positioning speed of the equipment is up to 90m/min. At the same time,Laser Cleaning Machine can be customized with automatic loading and unloading functions, with a high degree of automation. Round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, elliptical tubes, special-shaped tubes, and other profiles can be cleaned with high-speed and high-quality laser. It is hard to imagine that the pipe fittings weighing hundreds of kilograms are all cleaned by hand. The turning of the pipe fittings is a big problem. Heavy-duty pipe processing industries such as prefabricated buildings, sports venues, offshore equipment, and 5G towers will all need to clean these slender materials in large quantities. 

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Raycus continues to lead the sales of cleaning lasers

In the first half of 2021, Raycus’s sales of Laser Cleaning Machine parts increased by more than 170% year on year. With advanced R&D capabilities, mature technical reserves, and rich industry experience, Raycus lasers have continued to expand laser cleaning in the United Nations' top laser processing equipment manufacturers. The application of various industries, while continuously promoting the development of automated and intelligent cleaning. At present, Raycus's pulsed lasers and related supporting products for cleaning have been widely used in 3C electronics, tire molds, high-speed rail wheelsets and car bodies, ships, and aerospace-related cleaning applications. The efficiency, effectiveness, and stability of cleaning have been highly recognized by customers. When it comes to laser cleaning, Raycus lasers are thought of. In the future, Raycus Laser will continue to cooperate with partners in various industries to promote the industrialization of laser cleaning and help China's high-end manufacturing!


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