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How to Laser Engrave a Yeti Cup?

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Yeti cups was a popular brand known for its high-quality insulated drinkware, including cups, tumblers, and mugs. Yeti mugs tumbler products were well-regarded for their durability and ability to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods. They had a strong presence in the market and were sought after by outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and individuals looking for reliable drinkware.

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Yeti cups are popular for their durability and ability to keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods. While Yeti does not manufacture cups with pre-printed signs or logos, there are several ways to add custom signs or logos to Yeti cups.

With lot of Yeti cups shop offer laser engraving services for Yeti cups. With laser engraving, you can have a sign or logo etched directly onto the surface of the cup. This method provides a permanent and professional-looking customization.

  • How does A laser engraving on Yeti mugs?

  1. Before Marking:

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  2. Tips While do YETI cups engraving:

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  • Laser Engraving Solutions Offer by Abedar Laser

  1. Fiber Laser Engraving Machine With Rotary

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fiber laser marking machine with a rotary attachment is a device used to engrave or mark objects, such as Yeti cups, with precision and accuracy. The rotary attachment allows the machine to rotate the cup while the laser beam is applied, enabling 360-degree marking around the cylindrical surface.

2. 3D Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

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Based on the digital map of the Yeti cup, the marking machine adjusts the focal length of the laser beam to ensure optimal focus on the cup's surface. This autofocus feature allows the machine to maintain consistent marking quality even on uneven or curved surfaces.

Once the autofocus is set, the machine begins the marking process. The fiber laser beam is directed onto the surface of the Yeti cup, creating high-contrast marks by ablating or vaporizing the material. The laser power, speed, and other parameters can be adjusted to achieve the desired marking depth or intensity.

3.CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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As the laser beam moves across the surface of the Yeti cup according to the computer instructions, it removes or modifies the material, creating the desired engraving. The speed of the laser and the power settings can be adjusted to control the depth and quality of the engraving.

Abedar Laser Laser engraving machines typically offer adjustable power and speed settings. This allows users to control the intensity of the laser beam and the speed at which it moves across the surface of the Yeti mugs. Adjusting these settings can help achieve different engraving depths and effects.

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