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Can Pulse Laser Cleaning Be Used on Wood?

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100W 200W 300W laser cleaning machine can be used to clean the surface of wood, but the cleaning effect can be influenced by factors such as the type of wood, surface treatment, and the configuration of the laser cleaning machine. In general, for wood cleaning, both single-mode and multi-mode lasers can be used, but the choice of laser type should depend on the specific cleaning task.

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Single-mode laser

Single-mode lasers generate highly focused beams with high energy density, making them suitable for precise cleaning tasks such as detailed cleaning. However, the cleaning range of a single-mode laser is relatively small, and it may require more time to clean large wooden surfaces.

Multi-mode laser 

Multi-mode lasers produce wider beams that can cover larger areas, making them suitable for tasks that require cleaning large surface areas. Multi-mode lasers typically have a faster cleaning speed but may not be as precise as single-mode lasers.

For wood cleaning, we generally recommend users to choose multi-mode laser types for the following reasons:

  • Single-mode lasers can produce high energy in a single shot, which may risk causing burns on the wood surface.

  • If you need to quickly clean a large area of wood surface, multi-mode lasers are often more suitable.

  • Consider factors such as the cleaning machine's power, wavelength, and laser parameters to ensure that the machine can meet specific application requirements.

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