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Portable Laser Marking Machine: Redefining Convenience in Industrial Marking

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How to Choose A Suitable Laser Marking Machine?

Portable laser marking machines are versatile devices that cater to various application requirements. They come in different designs, including enclosed hooded systems for enhanced safety and functionality for integration into production lines with flying marking capabilities.

Metal Laser Etching Machin (3)

  • Common Configurations Knowledge you should know:

  1. Laser Power Options: Portable laser marking machines are typically available in 20W, 30W, and 50W configurations, offering different levels of laser power. The choice of laser power depends on the specific application requirements, such as the desired marking depth and speed.

  2. Laser Source and Brand: Various laser brands are compatible with portable laser marking machines, ensuring flexibility and customization. Common laser sources brand include China Top brand Raycus,JPT,MAX, which are highly efficient, reliable, and capable of delivering high-quality marking results.

  3. Control System: Portable laser marking machines are equipped with advanced control systems which called Beijing Ezcad software,the system typically offer user-friendly interfaces, enabling operators to easily configure marking parameters, such as speed, power, and pattern.

  4. Marking Area and Focusing Options: The marking area refers to the available workspace for laser marking. Portable laser marking machines offer different marking area sizes to accommodate various object sizes. Additionally, adjustable focal length options ensure optimal marking results on different materials and surface curvatures.

The power of the laser engraving machine is vital, as it determines the depth and speed at which the metal can be engraved. Higher wattage lasers offer greater versatility and the ability to work on a wide range of metal thicknesses.

Metal Barcode Laser Marking Machine

  • What Should I Know While Choose A Portable Laser?

  1. Portability and Flexibility: The compact and lightweight nature of portable laser marking machines allows for easy transportation and use in various locations. They offer flexibility to adapt to different marking requirements without the need for a fixed setup.

  2. Marking Size Area: Portable laser marking machines excel in flat marking applications and can be enhanced with optional rotary fixtures to perform precise marking on cylindrical objects.It's important to let us know the max logo content size,in order to provide suitable field lens size;

  3. Marking Speed Request: The advanced control systems in portable laser marking machines ensure precise and consistent marking results. 

  4. Safety and Reliability: Enclosed hooded systems provide a safe working environment by minimizing laser exposure to operators. Moreover, portable laser marking machines are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.

    By understanding the common configurations, considering specific requirements, and leveraging their key advantages, our team can provide the most suitable portable laser marking machine solution for your production request.

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