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Flying Online Fiber Laser Marking Laser Printing Machine

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Abedar Laser Online flying laser marking machine, also known as a laser coding system or laser marking system, is a specialized industrial device used to apply permanent marks or codes onto various materials. Unlike traditional marking methods such as inkjet printing or mechanical engraving, laser marking utilizes a high-energy laser beam to etch or alter the surface of the material, resulting in precise and permanent markings.

Online Flying Laser Marking Engraving Machines

Online flying laser marking machines use various types of lasers depending on the specific application requirements. The commonly used laser types for flying laser marking machines include:

Fiber lasers are the most popular type of laser used in flying laser marking machines. They use a fiber optic cable to deliver the laser beam, which results in excellent beam quality, high efficiency, and reliability. Fiber lasers are ideal for marking metals, plastics, and a wide range of other materials.


CO2 lasers are gas lasers that produce a laser beam in the mid-infrared spectrum. They are commonly used for marking organic materials such as wood, leather, paper, and certain plastics. CO2 lasers are known for their versatility and ability to provide high-quality markings.

Online Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • UV Lasers:

    UV lasers emit laser beams in the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are often used for marking and engraving materials that are highly sensitive to heat, such as certain plastics and electronics. UV lasers offer precise marking capabilities and are suitable for high-resolution applications.

  • Online Flying Laser Marking Machine Application Industry

    Online flying laser marking machines are versatile tools that find applications in various industries.

Date Code Plastic Bottles Laser Marking Machine

  1. Manufacturing: Flying laser marking machines are extensively used in the manufacturing industry for marking and coding purposes;

  2. Automotive: The automotive industry relies on laser marking for part traceability, component identification, and branding.;

  3. Electronics: Online flying laser marking machines play a crucial role in the electronics industry for marking and engraving electronic components like circuit boards, semiconductors, connectors;

  4. Aerospace and Defense: In the aerospace and defense sectors, flying laser marking machines are used for marking and etching on various components, including turbine blades, aircraft parts, weapons systems, and military equipment;

  5. Medical Devices: Flying laser marking machines are employed in the medical device industry for permanent marking and identification of surgical instruments, implants, medical equipment;

  6. Packaging and Labeling: Online flying laser marking machines are used for high-speed marking on packaging materials like cardboard boxes, plastics, and films;.

  7. Plastics and Rubber: In the plastics and rubber industries, flying laser marking machines are utilized for marking identification codes, product labels, and branding on various molded.

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