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How to Correctly Choose Between a Q-Switched Laser & MOPA laser?

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Industrial fiber lasers have become a major focus in the laser industry in recent years. Chinese-made fiber lasers have developed rapidly, making significant progress in sheet metal cutting and marking applications. They have played a pivotal role in advancing manufacturing industries, helping customers achieve efficient and energy-saving production.

Currently, the two main types of fiber lasers used in industrial marking applications are Q-switched lasers and MOPA lasers. Both have a significant market share, and they excel in their respective processing areas. 

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However, there is a common misconception in the market that MOPA lasers can completely replace Q-switched lasers. 

Let's compare the parameters of Q-switched and MOPA lasers:

  • MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) lasers

as well as Q-switched fiber lasers, are widely used in various industries such as electronics, machinery, and packaging. They have silently revolutionized traditional manufacturing processes. In terms of parameter comparison, MOPA lasers offer greater flexibility and a wider range of adjustments. They utilize variable pulse widths, high-frequency parameters, and short thermal durations. They are mainly used for black marking on aluminum, and customers can achieve their desired results by adjusting power and frequency parameters.

Due to the higher pulse frequency of MOPA lasers, the marking positions are very close, and they can overlap, resulting in a very uniform and fine pattern. With lower single-pulse energy, there is less heat deformation when processing thin materials. The future development of MOPA lasers is focused on achieving even narrower pulse widths (down to tens of picoseconds) and shorter thermal durations, significantly improving the quality of marking.


Compared to MOPA lasers, Q-switched lasers have lower repetition frequencies and are slightly less suitable for fine material processing. 

However, due to their simpler performance parameters, they are more convenient for quick adjustments. In applications like marking on plastic materials (black or gray), Q-switched lasers may not achieve the same level of precision as MOPA lasers, but they are faster and can increase production efficiency for less demanding tasks. 

In deep engraving of metal materials, Q-switched fiber lasers excel due to their higher single-pulse energy, allowing for deep engraving and rust removal from metal surfaces. When MOPA lasers are used with wide pulse widths during amplification, a significant portion of the energy goes to waste, affecting the marking intensity.

Based on current market expectations, Q-switched lasers are expected to evolve towards higher power and energy levels to meet the requirements of material processing.

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  • How to correctly choose the right model:

Both Q-switched and MOPA lasers have their strengths and weaknesses. MOPA lasers excel in their wide parameter range and fine processing capabilities, especially in applications like black marking on anodized aluminum and thin aluminum sheet marking. On the other hand, Q-switched lasers are known for their strong marking intensity and are more suitable for deep engraving of metals.

Therefore, it is not accurate to conclude that MOPA lasers can completely replace Q-switched lasers. The correct choice of laser model should be based on the customer's specific requirements for the marking material and desired effects.

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