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Colorful Laser Engraving Tips

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color laser engraving Sample

Compared with general laser marking machine, the outstanding feature of color laser engraving machine is that the pulse width is adjustable, and the mainly advantage of large frequency range is Color marking on stainless steel, or fast blackening on alumina, just like the Ipad logo.

fiber laser engraving machine has increased the pulse width adjustable, the frequency range has become wider, and it is suitable for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials. Such as digital product parts laser engraved black, mobile phone keys, light-transmitting keys, mobile phone shells, key panels, electronic components, plastic markings, handicrafts gifts, oxidation treatment and coating electroplating spraying surface treatment, which is better than ordinary fiber laser marking The application range of the machine is wider and more practical.The laser engraving machine price will be a bit more expensive, you can choose according to your own products and processing requirements.

MOPA jpt fiber laser marker can also be used for color marking, which is not possible with ordinary laser marking machine. When the laser marks the stainless steel material, the color of the surface layer of the material can be changed by adjusting the laser beam, so as to obtain decorative effects with different colors. The advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable. Adjusting one of them will not affect other laser parameters. This feature brings unlimited possibilities for stainless steel color marking.

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