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Top 10 Reliable Laser Welding Machine Supplier in China

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Top 10 Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers in China

 When it comes to laser welding machines, China has emerged as a leading global supplier. The country boasts a vibrant market with several top-notch manufacturers and suppliers providing a wide range of advanced laser welding solutions.

  1. Hanslaser -

    Founded in 1996, Hanslaser is a leading industrial laser processing equipment manufacturer, offering a wide range of laser processing solutions and related facilities. With over 200 varieties of industrial laser equipment and intelligent solutions, Hanslaser holds more than 800 domestic and international patents and over 100 computer software copyrights.

  2. HGTECH -

    Established in 1999, HGTECH focuses on "laser technology and its applications." As a high-tech listed company with a strong academic background, HGTECH specializes in intelligent manufacturing key products and solutions based on its expertise in laser equipment manufacturing, optical communication devices, holography, sensors, and information tracking.

  3. Lead Laser -

    Founded in 2005, Lead Laser is a global precision laser welding equipment and automation solutions supplier. The company is dedicated to research, production, and sales of precision laser welding machines and automated equipment, widely used in various fields such as power batteries, automotive manufacturing, hardware appliances, consumer electronics, and optical communication.

  4. AMADA Miyachi -

    Established in 1972, AMADA Miyachi is a multinational corporation under the AMADA Group, specializing in manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of laser welding machines, laser marking machines, precision resistance welding, and related systems. Since 1996, AMADA Miyachi has entered the Chinese market, providing precision resistance welding equipment and laser processing and welding equipment sales and technical services.

  5. TRUMPF -

    Founded in Germany in 1923, TRUMPF has a history of over 80 years in the production of machine tools for processing metal sheets and materials. TRUMPF China, established in 2000, manufactures flatbed laser machines and accessories, gradually expanding to CNC punch presses and CNC bending machines. With over 2,000 installed machines in China, TRUMPF is a reliable choice.

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  1. Chuangtian Laser -

    Established in 1985, Chuangtian Laser is one of the early private laser enterprises in China. It has become a large-scale, comprehensive, and widely-covered professional laser product manufacturer. Chuangtian Laser's main business covers three major industries: industrial lasers, laser aesthetics, and laser cultural tourism. It has production bases in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and offers full-scale laser application solutions to global customers.


    PENTA LASER is a joint venture between the Italian laser company El.En Group and Chuangtian Laser Group. It is committed to the development, production, and service of high-power laser cutting and welding. PENTA LASER provides full automation and digitization solutions for laser cutting and welding, with applications in aerospace, defense, engineering machinery, automotive manufacturing, high-speed rail, marine engineering, sheet metal processing, and more.

  3. HGLASER -

    Established in 2008, HGLASER is a renowned global provider of integrated laser and automation equipment solutions. Their products and services cover lithium battery automation, air-cooled ultraviolet laser equipment, large-scale automation production lines, and large-scale laser cutting equipment. They provide efficient comprehensive solutions for industries such as lithium batteries, 3C electronics, and sheet metal processing.

  4. TIANHONG Laser -

    Founded in 2001, TIANHONG Laser is a leading global provider of comprehensive laser solutions. The company focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and service of industrial intelligent equipment. Their main products include medium and small power laser processing, laser welding, CNC laser cutting, and micro-processing systems. As a historical and comprehensive laser equipment manufacturer in East China, TIANHONG Laser offers a wide range of products.

  5. Abedar Laser -

    Established in 2015, Abedar Laser is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing precision laser welding equipment and automation production lines. Abedar Laser is dedicated to the field of intelligent laser welding, offering various laser welding equipment and robot automatic welding stations. With strong capabilities in expanding laser applications, laser process development, and high-end intelligent equipment production lines, Abedar Laser encourages customers to inquire and obtain the best prices.

As the demand for laser welding solutions continues to grow, choosing a reliable supplier is crucial for businesses seeking high-quality and cost-effective equipment. Abedar Laser, as a leading innovator in intelligent laser welding, offers a comprehensive range of precision welding solutions.

Reach out to Abedar Laser today to inquire about their laser welding machines and secure the most favorable prices for your business needs.                

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