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Types Laser Rust Removal Gun Available?

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As a handheld operational device, the weight design of the laser cleaning head is particularly crucial, directly influencing the cleaning efficiency. The bulky cleaning head adversely affects the cleaning process. Therefore, Abedar Laser has designed a lightweight cleaning head based on user requirements and extensive feedback. 

The advantages are as follows:

  1. Portable Design: The compact and portable cleaning head with a moderate grip provides comfortable use.

  2. Lightweight Design: The weight of the cleaning head is less than 0.75 kg, making it more suitable for prolonged handheld operations.

  3. Dustproof Sealing Design: The external optical path is sealed to prevent dust and pollutants generated during cleaning from entering the optical path, preventing performance degradation or damage to the cleaning head.

  4. Front Lens Dust Blowing Design: An air curtain is designed in front of the lens to effectively protect against dust or oil contamination in the air, safeguarding the lens.

  5. Detachable Dust Suction Nozzle Bracket (optional): The independently designed dust suction nozzle with adjustable height and angle ensures effective dust suction.

  6. Anti-Interference Design: Measures such as signal reinforcement, signal line shielding, encapsulation of the scanning mirror, and metal shielding shell design enhance the cleaning head's resistance to interference. This ensures stability in laser output, even when integrated with robots and vacuum cleaners, without causing disturbances.

Abedar Laser offers three types of cleaning heads suitable for different pulse laser cleaning power. They do not overheat during prolonged use, ensuring stable laser output and providing assurance for the overall stability of the laser equipment. Abedar Laser's handheld laser rust removal and ergonomic design make it the ideal choice for efficient and reliable laser rust removal in the automotive industry. Elevate your cleaning efficiency with our lightweight and portable solution. Don't compromise on performance – choose Abedar Laser for a superior laser cleaning experience!

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  • 02:Pulse Biaxial Forward Cleaning Head

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  • 03:Pulse Down Cleaning Head

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