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Mini Enclosed 20W 30W Fiber Laser Engraving Mahcine For Plastic

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  • Mini Enclosed Safety Design
  • 10000MM/S High Speed Process
  • Electric Hand Lifting
  • Rings Rotary Device Available
  • MH-LM500

  • Abedar Laser


Product Description

Mini enclosed fiber laser etching machine Applications

Mini Enclosed CE Standard Fiber Laser Engraving Machine is perfect for safety production requests with its enclosed design. It has the capacity to process both plastic and metal materials, and comes in power ranges of 20W 30W. Our laser engraving machine offers high speed cutting ability, excellent stability and minimal maintenance costs.


The enclosed design makes it safe to use, while its compact size allows easy installation in any workspace or production facility. Furthermore, the fiber laser source provides excellent performance at an affordable price point. With this powerful yet cost-effective solution, you can get the exact engravings that you need for any project quickly and easily!


Advantages of Industrial Laser Engraving Machine

  • Small size, beautiful and high-grade appearance, easy to move, air-cooled and maintenance-free.

  • The fiber laser etching machine workbench is simplified and the degree of integration is higher.

  • The use of high-precision equipment accessories, accurate marking effect, flexible operation.

  • Using a high-quality fiber laser etching machine marking head, marking speed is fast, without any operating system restrictions

  • The optical marking area is completely closed, with no pollution, no noise, no consumables, and long life.


Laser Source Brand

Plastic Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Model NO.


Output Power

20W / 30W



Beam Quality


Pulse Repeatable Frequency


Pulse Energy


Beam Divergence

-0.3 to +0.3mrad

Laser Class




Marking Way 

Enclosed Laser Etching Machine

Marking Scope

110mm*110mm / 150mm*150mm

Linear Speed

800 character/ s

Marking Linear Speed


Marking Depth

Max. 1.0- 1.5mm (hard steel)

Focusing Range


Min. Character Size


Repeat Accuracy


Cooling System

Air cooling

Input Power


Electrical Source

220V/50HZ Or 60HZ

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