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03 | Composite Cleaning Machine Application Case Sharing

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Practical application cases of laser composite cleaning technology

In the realm of high-speed rail travel, the wheelsets play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and steering on the tracks. However, the use of carbon steel in manufacturing both the wheels and axles of high-speed trains can lead to issues such as cracking and brittle fractures over time, necessitating periodic maintenance. 

Traditionally, the removal of coatings from wheel axles and spokes, typically 150-250μm thick epoxy resin coatings, has been a labor-intensive process involving abrasive wire brushing. This method not only proves inefficient but also poses the risk of damaging the wheelset surface, potentially affecting subsequent inspection procedures.

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The Challenge: To address these challenges, laser cleaning technology has been introduced as a more efficient alternative. However, conventional laser cleaning techniques exhibit limitations, especially when dealing with thick coatings, resulting in slow cleaning speeds and reduced overall efficacy.

The Solution - Composite Laser Cleaning Technology: The forefront solution lies in composite laser cleaning technology, capable of significantly enhancing cleaning efficiency. This advanced approach combines different laser sources to create a powerful and versatile tool. Unlike traditional laser cleaning methods, composite laser cleaning technology ensures coating removal at an impressive speed, allowing for completion within 8 minutes per wheelset. Remarkably, it achieves Sa3-level cleanliness (the highest standard) without causing any damage to the base material.

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Available Equipment in the Chinese Market: The development of composite laser cleaning technology demands expertise and research effort, leading to the emergence of three notable products in the Chinese market:

The 2000+3000, 4000+500, and 6000+1000 composite laser cleaning machines.

These devices are designed to rival 500W, 1000W, and 2000W pure pulse high-power cleaning equipment, offering a two to threefold increase in cost-effectiveness within the same price range.

Major manufacturers in this field include Abedar Laser and Han's Laser, with Abedar Laser being the prominent and stable player in the market.

Embracing composite laser cleaning technology signifies a revolutionary leap in rail maintenance, ensuring not only superior efficiency but also minimizing the risk of damage to critical components. As the industry continues to evolve, Abedar Laser stands out as a reliable provider of laser rust removal solutions.

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