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Barcode Laser Marking Machine

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Barcodes are an integral part of modern life, used to scan items in stores, track packages and organize information efficiently. But what exactly is a barcode laser marking machine? A barcode laser coding machine is a device that uses a beam of light or lasers to print or mark codes onto products. This makes it easier for companies to keep track of their inventory, allowing for efficient tracking and management processes.

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Barcode laser marking machines can be used on many different materials, from paper and plastic to metals, wood and glass. The marks they create are permanent and highly sophisticated which make them ideal for use in product identification labels and tags. They also offer the ability to produce unique codes quickly with minimal setup time required. This means businesses can reduce costs associated with manual coding processes while still achieving accurate labeling results.

Different Types of Barcodes

There are barcode formats made for distinct kinds of products, and the one best suited for your particular product is a specific bar code. 

Laser marking machine software could provide below terms barcode types as following:

  • 1D Barcodes/Linear Barcodes

  • Universal Product Code (UPC-A)

  •  Code 39

  •  Code 128

  • 2D Barcodes

  • Data Matrix Code

  • Quick Response Code (QR Code)

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How You Can Choose the Right Barcode Marking Machine?

You are already well-versed on barcodes and the various barcode marking methods you can use. However, determining the best barcode marking process means understanding how other factors influence it. Below are a few important points to consider.

●        Type of Material

The type of materials you want to mark plays a huge role in the barcode marking method you can employ. For example, laser marking methods is compatible with most materials since it is a non-contact process. However, when dealing with stainless steel, the anti-corrosive property is a deciding factor. Therefore, the materials you can subject to such a method must be compatible with it. Also, reflective surfaces are not ideal for barcode marking.

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●        The Type of Codes

The quality of a laser barcode marker process is affected by the resolution of the barcode and the accuracy level of the barcode marking process. You can use higher quality barcode marking processes to achieve a more accurate result with the less accurate barcode marking process. With laser barcode marking, for example, you will have the highest level of accuracy. For this reason, it is recommended to use laser barcode marking and data matrix barcode marking.

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●        Other Properties

laser barcode marker properties you should be aware of are the code bar size and color. The font used to encode the barcode must be big enough to be seen and distinguished from other text. In terms of color, most designers do not make bright barcodes. If you want a bright barcode, laser annealing and inkjet printing are the two most common barcode marking methods commonly used for producing the highest quality.

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